The first Smart Grid standard took effect in October


The technical committee (EVS/TK 58) “Smart Grid“ of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation was established in 2015 and, within that scope, a compilation of a new original Estonian standard was undertaken immediately. The standard EVS 929:2016 “Smart Grid. Terminology” took effect when it was published in the October issue of the Estonian Centre for Standardisation official bulletin, EVS Teataja.

The Smart Grid standard has been compiled with the objective to present and define up to date Smart Grid subjects and descriptive terminology of their collaboration to avoid substantial misunderstandings of the terms.
The terms presented are important in the foundation of data models for applications that will be connected to the Smart Grid, development of the functional architecture of typical applications, harmonised information exchange between control systems and communication between smart grid subjects that operate in key roles. Terms and their explanations that are common in Smart Grid conceptual models, standards and other technical documents developed in Europe and in the United States of America have been used in compiling the standard.

The standard was compiled by a workgroup, which included Elmo Pettai (TUT), Tõnu Lehtla (TUT), Ott Antsmaa (Elektrilevi), Kristo Klesment (Elering) and Argo Rosin (TUT). The representative of EVS is Liis Tambek.

The standard can be viewed and purchased from the EVS e-shop or customer service at Aru 10, Tallinn.


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